Noble Comics was founded in Detroit Michigan as a passion project to create and share webcomics


The webcomic “Drew Draws” was created


The short lived webcomic “Punfectionery” was created


The long awaited comic “New Light” is finally being created

Our Mission

Create a World for Everyone

Our Philosophies

Our Company Culture is founded on 6 core philosophies. These 6 principles keep our community at the heart of our decision-making process and what drives our company forward! 

The Community knows what the community wants. Too many organizations don’t respect their community’s opinion, but we are built different. We live by it. We know that YOUR voice is important and we WANT to hear it.

No one knows everything, but everyone knows something, and together we can find the best answer. Put your ego to the side and lets works together to find WHATS right.

Stories are great, but WORLDS ARE BETTER. When developing a story THINK BIG, CREATE BIG, BUILD BIG.

EVERY DETAIL MATTERS. From the font and the packaging, to the art and gameplay, everything needs to be meticulously crafted and engineered for the best possible experience.

From Games and Comics, to your own personal knowledge and skills. Never settle, always grow, always learn, and never stop improving.

Integrity goes a long way! Always remember to be GOOD to yourself, your family, your team, and your community!